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Meet Atif Abdul Majeed-Fulbright Scholar who introduces Automatic voting systems in Pakistan

Atif Abdul Majeed is working on voting solutions- automatic voting systems.Untitled INTESOL pvt. Ltd is the name of company. Atif has been in USA for his graduate studies as a Fulbright Scholar from Lally College in New York City, and where he studied technology management. He was back to Pakistan in 2010, he got idea given the needs of Pakistan and started working on the automatic voting systems.
He has a family background of entrepreneurship, while having his degree in Technology Management he got an idea to launch the automatic voting system. According to Atif entrepreneurship is deciding to sail the boat and own the boat as well. As for as challenges are concern, in context of Pakistan there is loan issue, moreover there is no forum in Pakistan where you can share ideas related to entrepreneurs.
To have a successful entrepreneur you have to good idea, a marketing team, financing and timing. The company owns a website, and there is no need to publish on social media because they have specified client government and has been specified.
They arrange events in different cities, where audience from the government of Pakistan, and different organizations and advocacy participate. The start up investment was 3 million which was invested by CIIT. They do not get loan however Comsats invested the whole amount. For marketing purpose customer don’t find us however we find customers, for that we introduced the products in different countries.
To him Luck is everything it counts about 90%, moreover the remaining 10% is hard work. Entrepreneur is very difficult but at the end it pays a lot.
According to Atif if the automatic voting system is implemented in Pakistan you need to have only 15 days to have election not months.


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Celebrating Global Enterpreneurship Week with Guru-Hammad Siddiqui

Celebrating GEW with Guru was a great experience. It was really awesome to come up with the innovative ideas. Here are some golden ideas which I learnt and these will also make you learn how to drive yourselves on the path of success.1017051_10201112517867525_165468880_n
The potential of entrepreneurial activity is to promote growth and new ideas. Entrepreneurial attitudes and perceptions play a very important part in creating an entrepreneurial culture. Promoting entrepreneurship has its own importance. In Pakistan there is need to promote entrepreneurship because it has its own importance and it is very unfortunate that there is no a forum which would promote it amongst youth. There is a need to encourage a more entrepreneurial spirit among youngsters.
In order to be successful in your life you need to have an objective. An activity without objective driven is useless therefore it is important to specify your objective. Moreover only those initiatives are successful which focus on future therefore do not focus on past, come up with ideas and follow them. To be successful you have to implement ideas and failures on the way while implementing those ideas are really lovable.
Use of social media plays a very important role. In order to be a very good entrepreneur you have to learn the productive use of social media. It is very important for the young minds to be familiar with the proper use of social media like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You need to market your products through better blogging. For better blogging you need to choose better words. Use title killers, build arguments, explain examples and share experience along with a punched conclusion. These are the golden rules for blogging. If you want to be the king of blogging learn proper use of words. The power of social media and blogging is very much. The only title killers could be putting number, learn, teach or negate any issue.
In order to put proper content for your blog, you should be a good writer. You can only be a good writer as long as you read material therefore follow the 3R rules, i.e. read, read and read. Moreover in order to increase traffic at your blog follow the trends only this way you can get your objective. Blogging gives you recognition, therefore to be a good blogger you need to learn the basic tips which make you an effective blogger. Moreover it also increases your creativity. If you cannot write properly you cannot beat anyone in this world therefore make an excellent content for your product.
Being an entrepreneur is a very important, therefore get an idea, do implement, use the social media and chase your dreams. GOOD LUCK! This is how I celebrated Global Entrepreneurship Week, how did you celebrate it, I would love to listen!

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