Will Pakistan be able to achieve its Target by 2015?

Education is one of the important things, which is essential for the development of the human capital.pakistan-school-girls-ogb-79792 MDG2 has aimed to endeavor the increase in the primary education and achieve universal primary education in the country by 2015. The right to education has also been one of the clauses of the article 25a of constitution of Pakistan. Moreover the 18th amendment has also provided the extensive devolution of functions to provincial governments including the subject of education.
Primary School Enrollment
Contrarily statistics show that Pakistan is not progressing according to the targets it has set in order to achieve its goal. Pakistan adopted MDG target of 100 percent for 2015, against its baseline of 46 percent in 1990/91. So far currently the net primary enrollment ratio is only 57%. While in 2001-2002 the net primary enrollment rate was 42%. However evidence from the last 12 years shows that Pakistan has not shown enough progress on achieving its goal. Primary school enrollment increased by 10 percent to 52 percent between 2001- 2002. In spite of the fact that number of primary schools grew more than 50000 in 2005, the enrollment rate has not been appreciable. Keeping this thing in mind, it is really hard to meet the MDG target on this indicator.
On the other hand the completion of 1 to 5 grades is now only 50%; however which was 57% during 2001-2002. The MDG target is 100 by 2015. One of the major objectives is to achieve a total literary of 88% in 2015; the target so far achieved is only 58%, which were 45 in 2001-02.
Disparity among Provinces
There has been significant disparity among provinces as well. Punjab has the highest literacy rates however Baluchistan has its lowest. The national average of literacy has been pulled up by Punjab. The progress of the individual provinces is below.
KPK in spite of the war against terror, performing well as compared to other provinces; it does not witness the decrease in literacy rate.
Due to the impact of floods and the displacement of indigenous population Sindh as shown decrease its enrollments since 2008/09 falling from 54% to 50% in 2011/2012.
AJ&K has show progress up to 2006, but later on from 2007 to 2011, its progress remained stagnant.
The net enrollment rates of the GB climbed up to 41% in 2011-2012. FATA’s NER at 31 percent in 2012 is the lowest in country.
Thus the above statistics show that progress in Pakistan is not significant in the educational sector, either the government needs to speed up its progress or they need to revise its target.



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