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A threat to the Minorities is a threat to the Ideology of Pakistan

Pakistan was established in the name of Islam, a state where freedom of choice and freedom of faith was to be practiced. Quaid-The Father of Nation made this country with his tiresome and strenuous efforts so that Muslims can spend a peaceful life, conversely what we witness today is a situation of hue and cry, life insecurity, rising unrest, killing in the name of religion, coupled with both social and economical backwardness.

The current threat to the Ismaili Muslims and the Kalash tribe (who are descendents from Alexander the Great) residing in Chitral Imagelocated in North Western Frontier Province in Pakistan is very alarming. It is upside down of the ideology of Pakistan. Moreover genocide is practiced openly in the country. After persistent rise of inhuman bloodshed in the tribal areas, atrocious killings of Shia in the Quetta, and the brutal killing of the Christians in Peshawar, now threats are being sent by TTP to the other Ismaili Muslims and the Kalash minority residing in Chitral.

In a 50 minutes long video released on Friday, 2 February, TTP threatens both the minorities openly, which reads, “By the grace of Allah, an increasing number of people from the Kalash tribe are embracing Islam and we want to make it clear to the Kalash tribe that they will be eliminated along with their protectors, the Western agents if they don’t embrace Islam,”  additionally “The Aga Khan Foundation is running 16 schools and 16 colleges and hostels where young men and women are given free education and brainwashed to keep them away from Islam,” the narrator says.

The incessant rise of TTP in Pakistan is a very big challenge, due to which unfortunately our motherland is known as “The Land of Terrorists”. The practices of TTP are against the basic principles of Islam, the teachings of Holy Prophet, and the ideology of the country. Islam is a religion of peace, brotherhood, and love. The threat to both the Ismaili Muslims and the Kalash Tribe of the valley is not only a threat to the minorities rather; it is a threat to ideology of Pakistan.

Failure of governance, weak public policy and malfunctioning of institutions is solely responsible for current crisis in the country.  For more than a decade we are witnessing escalation of Taliban militants, who started with a number of hundreds, reached thousands and still incessantly increasing in the country. What the government is waiting for? Additionally what pragmatic steps by the authorities we have witnessed so far in order to curb the rising challenge? Alternatively our leaders are offering them peace dialogue. Authorities have still enough time to take some serious steps to check this major issue prevailing in the country. Moreover the current step taken by Tassaduq Hussain is highly appreciated hope it will ensure security to both the minorities of the Chitral Valley. 


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The valley is Bleeding-In solidarity with the people of Kashmir

Historically Kashmir was ruled by Muslims from 14th to 18th century, until 1819 when

Kashmir is bleeding

Kashmir is bleeding

Ranjit Singh, the Sikh ruler of Punjab conquered it. Subsequently he acknowledged Gulab Singh, who entered his services as Raja of Jammu. Gulab Singh expanded his rule all over Kashmir except for the valley which he purchased from Britishers for a sum of 7.5 million rupees in 1846.

At the time of partition there were in total 560 princely states, which were to decide whether to join India or Pakistan. All of them decide except for Kashmir, Junagadh and Hyderabad. Both Junagadh and Hyderabad decide their accession after some time, but the accession of the Kashmir to any of dominions remained undecided.
Kashmir being one of the Muslim majority states, with 78% Muslims want to give its accession to Pakistan, however the ruler being a non Muslim want to be with India, however the matter remained undecided. In June 1947 Lord Mountbatten also went to Kashmir and advised maharajah to join India, who was followed by Ghandi, however it was suggested to hold a plebiscite in the state to decide its future.

Kashmir shares boundary of 902 miles with Pakistan, and only 317 miles with India. The three rivers from Kashmir directly flow into Pakistan. Moreover the two land roots which connect it with rest of the world enter into Kashmir through Rawalpindi and Sialkot. Keeping in view these prospects it is worthy for Kashmir to join Pakistan.

In accordance with these issues, two of the resolutions were passed on 13 August 1948 and 5 January 1949 but ultimately both failed to have satisfactory results.
The Kashmir issue was taken to UN in 1957, which later seems to do not take it seriously. Several of the presidents of the council visited to observe the issue, but finally they suggested it to be solved according to the will of Kashmir is. In short so far UN also failed to resolve the matter.

History reads, the tyrannical ruler of the Kashmir tried to strike out the massive population of Muslims from Kashmir with the help of the external forces. Since many of the personals were those who fought in the Second World War therefore they were able to face the tyrannical attitude of the ruler. The ruler was accused of the genocide of the Muslim population in the state. Many of the times Pakistani military entered to help their Muslim brothers, but the demilitarization of the forces also remained a long debated issue between the two dominions.

Up till now, hundred thousands of the lives have been lost, the valley is bleeding. No single day passes without violence, bomb blasts. This issue has fueled weapons and nuclear proliferation around the region. In addition to the wars of 1948, 1965 and 1971 between two countries Kashmir issue has been characterized as nuclear flash-point in the region.

Now the questions arises how long the valley will keep bleeding? How more mothers will lose their sons, brothers and husband? How long the people will morn lack of identity, and self determination? Will the UN take a stance to solve it? These are the few questions which need to be addressed.

In conclusion as soon as the issue gets solved the valley won’t be able to take a sigh of relief, it will keep bleeding between the uncertain circumstances. More over regional harmony, prosperity and the peace is not possible. Both the nations are required to think over the matter, and solve it as soon as possible. On this day, I wholeheartedly express my solidarity with the people of Kashmir. May it get identity and live long.

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