Live a life rather than spend a life-Manuscript found in Accra by Paulo Coelho

ImagePaulo Coelho is a Brazilian novelist, lyricist and musician. He is also known as Paul Rabbit. He has become one of the most reputed novelists of his ages; Al-Chemist is one of his novels which remained among best selling books of the time, which has been translated into 67 languages across the globe. A total of 150 million copies of his best novel have been sold across the world. Paulo wanted to be a writer since his early ages when he was at school but his mother want him to be an engineer because his father had the same profession, but he choose to chase his dreams and made his place among the best writers of his times.

The book “Manuscript found in Accra” is one of the best publications of author. It is written with ultimate clarity, wisdom, coherence, and a beautiful voice. One of the best things about this book is creating the character “Sage” by the author; it is just like as he has done masterfully in his novel Al-Chemist. The usage of the landscapes of the Middle East, the Biblical, Easter and North Africa in his novel has given a special taste to novel, which completely drenches the readers concentration. The reader feels like as if he physically goes the mythic blends of these awesome places.

The book has the same essence like that of the Al-Chemist. I have become one of the great fans of the author after I read his book, the Al-Chemist and could not wait for reading another publication of the author. No doubt Mauscript found in Accra is another brilliant issue of the author because although it is simple but really meaningful and deep. It exposes some interesting questions ever. The writer with his majesty has made it simple but profound at the same time with the deep questions. Important thing about the novel is that it gives values to the important norms love, faith and change.

The book explicitly tells the readers how to find your true friends among the people, because many times in our lives it’s really hard to find a true friend and yeah expectations from our friends do hurt a lot. This book is has a great lesson finding your true friends. The book touches every one with its simple but profound words, and the important thing about this book is its philosophical touch which attracts its readers the most.

This book is less like a novel but more like a philosophic and spiritual teaching and lectures. It teaches how to live a life. This is more like a question answer book where a person Copt at the city of Jerusalem shares his philosophical views and wisdom about love, anxiety, loyalty, nature, and sex with the people before Crusades. Moreover this book has a similar flavor to Khalil Gibran’s book.  Many of the saying in this book are very much interesting, however a few are less interesting.

Personally I am a big fan of this book by Paulo Coelho because it taught me how to live a life instead of how to spend a life. 


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