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Get one and change your life-“Veronica Decides to Die” by Paulo Coelho


A must read novel by the author of all time bestseller.

The Brazilian author Paulo Coelho was born in 1947, who dreamt to be an author during his early ages when he was at school. However his family wanted him to be an engineer since it was the profession adopt by his father, however he made his dream came true by his dedication and the passion towards writing. He is amongst the best novelist of his times, and his novel Al-Chemist has been best selling book of all time. The Manuscript found in Accra is one of other widely read books among range of his publications.

“Veronica decides to die” is one of the best novels by the author. This novel is about a girl Veronika who has every thing in her life, she wished for. She is pretty and young with a number of boy friends. Her family loves her a lot and she a steady job as well and there is nothing which could make her sad or feel like she has any constraint in her life. But still she is not happy with her life. For that reason she took overdose of the sleeping pills, when she opened her eyes after a long time, she found herself in a local hospital. Although she was alive but she was told by the physicians that her heart has been damaged severely, this message gave her ultimate happiness since she decided to die, however later on she decided to think about her life. 

The story goes on and she starts questioning her ideas about life. She realizes that every second of existence in our lives is to make a choice between living and dying. In shortly she tries to find out what the actual meaning of living is, and the way she explores her life is inspirational. Well this novel also gives an insight about how do people have to deal with mental illness.

Well the doctor who treated Veronica during her illness in hospital is a central character of the novel; he is an ambitious, dedicated and inspirational physician with his eyes on alternative methods and techniques. The author being a wonderful storyteller with his ability to inspire people and is responsible for changing lives of several people, has uniquely wrote this novel which realizes us that every moment in our lives is special and precious. This book has changed many of the lives and has changed the perception of many people the way they think about their lives.

Reading an interesting book is worth than a hundred things, this is correct in case of the Paulo Coelho’s books and novels. The “Veronica decided to die” is such a kind of book in which the story is being told with a specific flow and an inspirational way. It has changed many of the lives, this is one of the best books in my list, and I highly recommend reading it. It is an excellent and a must read novel for all ages. So be quick get one and change your life. 

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Live a life rather than spend a life-Manuscript found in Accra by Paulo Coelho

ImagePaulo Coelho is a Brazilian novelist, lyricist and musician. He is also known as Paul Rabbit. He has become one of the most reputed novelists of his ages; Al-Chemist is one of his novels which remained among best selling books of the time, which has been translated into 67 languages across the globe. A total of 150 million copies of his best novel have been sold across the world. Paulo wanted to be a writer since his early ages when he was at school but his mother want him to be an engineer because his father had the same profession, but he choose to chase his dreams and made his place among the best writers of his times.

The book “Manuscript found in Accra” is one of the best publications of author. It is written with ultimate clarity, wisdom, coherence, and a beautiful voice. One of the best things about this book is creating the character “Sage” by the author; it is just like as he has done masterfully in his novel Al-Chemist. The usage of the landscapes of the Middle East, the Biblical, Easter and North Africa in his novel has given a special taste to novel, which completely drenches the readers concentration. The reader feels like as if he physically goes the mythic blends of these awesome places.

The book has the same essence like that of the Al-Chemist. I have become one of the great fans of the author after I read his book, the Al-Chemist and could not wait for reading another publication of the author. No doubt Mauscript found in Accra is another brilliant issue of the author because although it is simple but really meaningful and deep. It exposes some interesting questions ever. The writer with his majesty has made it simple but profound at the same time with the deep questions. Important thing about the novel is that it gives values to the important norms love, faith and change.

The book explicitly tells the readers how to find your true friends among the people, because many times in our lives it’s really hard to find a true friend and yeah expectations from our friends do hurt a lot. This book is has a great lesson finding your true friends. The book touches every one with its simple but profound words, and the important thing about this book is its philosophical touch which attracts its readers the most.

This book is less like a novel but more like a philosophic and spiritual teaching and lectures. It teaches how to live a life. This is more like a question answer book where a person Copt at the city of Jerusalem shares his philosophical views and wisdom about love, anxiety, loyalty, nature, and sex with the people before Crusades. Moreover this book has a similar flavor to Khalil Gibran’s book.  Many of the saying in this book are very much interesting, however a few are less interesting.

Personally I am a big fan of this book by Paulo Coelho because it taught me how to live a life instead of how to spend a life. 

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Great Opportunities for Investment in Energy-President and PM welcomes His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan

The President and PM welcomed His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan and discussed great opportunities for investment in energy in the country.


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Prince Karim Aga Khan– the spiritual leader of the Ismaili community met president and the prime minister on Monday and discussed the great opportunities for investment in energy sector. Both the president and the prime minister appreciated the developmental projects and the services of Prince Karim Aga Khan across the world particularly in Pakistan.
Aga Khan Development Network has provided its services in the sectors of education, health, poverty alleviation and the socio-economic uplift of society. It is a model network for the other development organizations, it develops, designs and executes its various project related to health, education, poverty alleviation, cultural heritage, and socio-economic upliftment with scientific lines and focuses on the improvement of the quality of life.
The Aga Khan Development Network Paksitan has helped socio-economic upliftment of the people through its various projects particularly in the northern areas of Pakistan. These projects have made tremendous impact on the lives of the people in improving the quality of life, provision of the better health facilities, access advanced education system and better infrastructure.
Northern Areas have various opportunities which can be utilized to overcome the energy crisis in Pakistan; the government of Pakistan in collaboration with the Aga Khan Development Network will explore the opportunities in order to overcome the energy crisis in Pakistan. The resources if utilized will have a positive impact on the economy of Pakistan as a whole.

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I do not favor PM Youth Loan Scheme do you?

I want to put few of my thoughts about the youth loan scheme just launched by Mr. Prime Minister.Image According to best of my understanding if any country wants its youth to progress; there must be adequate provision of publicly provided goods.  They must be given opportunity, money is mere a medium of transaction.

Due to inefficiency of the concern authorities, Pakistan is facing severe crisis in energy sector moreover various power projects are pending for decades. As a consequence, in summers the country face 12 to 16 hours of power outrage in areas where the average energy consumption is at a minimum level.

Well in case of Pakistan politics and economics are two separate fields, politicians do whatever they want to do, irrespective of whether its policy implementation is appropriate or not. However for the economic prosperity of country you have to consider all aspects and a combine effort is required. Unfortunately in Pakistan there is a huge gap between politics and economics.

Prime Minister aims to provide loan to the youth so that they will earn through entrepreneurship and they can launch small scale industries. To be realistic, may I ask Mr. Prime Minister that if I don’t get enough power security to operate my laptop how I can run a small scale industry? It has been observed across the country that many of the industries including both small and large have been shut down due to power outrage, and the resulting unemployment has increased the existing rate.

The sustainability aspect of the project is another issue. I am doubtful whether it is going to be sustained provided the current economic situation of Pakistan, or we need to expect the same result as that of the PM laptop Scheme, which were sold back to the market probably due to the power outrage or may be youth did not take interest. What so ever was the reason this project was not worth appreciated because prime minister wanted technological advancement without power security.

Even a lay man can understand that giving out money without adequate environment is not worth appreciated decision. Given the current situation, I am not going to apply for the loan, because for the proper utilization of the loan we need some pre-requisites which our country lack and I would suggest Mr. Prime Minister to think over the decision again.

In a nutshell, this project needs a proper review by policy makers and politicians together. The decision must be finalized after reviewing its sustainability and consequences in the long run. Additionally there is much more to talk about the current situation, better next time, else you would get tired!


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