Pakistan needs Reforms for its Economic Revival

A lot can be done with the economy of Pakistan economy to lead the country towards imagesthe development path. Most importantly the civil society can play an important role. Developing world is growing at a pace around the world, there is lifting poverty and development has lifted life of the middle class to a comparatively great level. To make it possible in our economy we need to reform the domestic policies so as to create the stable economic environment.
In order to get the stable economic environment we need to manage industries in an outward oriented manner, reconstruction and diversification is required. The social capital should be mobilized as well as social subsidy should be given to the people.
Moreover there is an immense need of investing in the skill development of the people in the country; this will result promoting exports. According to recent statistics services sector contributes even more than that of agriculture sector to the national income. For this reason it is essential to provide trainings and technical education to the people. For example Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand invested billions of dollars for the skill development of the people; as a result they have developed economically.
Strengthening and regulation of political institutions is another important attempt which could help economic revival in the country. In a nutshell our economy will perform only reforms are brought about. By and large we need to agree on this thing; only structural reforms can strength economy of Pakistan.
There is a lot of literature in Pakistan, and many of the Think Tanks available in Pakistan need to work to have a positive result for economic revival.


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