Meet Atif Abdul Majeed-Fulbright Scholar who introduces Automatic voting systems in Pakistan

Atif Abdul Majeed is working on voting solutions- automatic voting systems.Untitled INTESOL pvt. Ltd is the name of company. Atif has been in USA for his graduate studies as a Fulbright Scholar from Lally College in New York City, and where he studied technology management. He was back to Pakistan in 2010, he got idea given the needs of Pakistan and started working on the automatic voting systems.
He has a family background of entrepreneurship, while having his degree in Technology Management he got an idea to launch the automatic voting system. According to Atif entrepreneurship is deciding to sail the boat and own the boat as well. As for as challenges are concern, in context of Pakistan there is loan issue, moreover there is no forum in Pakistan where you can share ideas related to entrepreneurs.
To have a successful entrepreneur you have to good idea, a marketing team, financing and timing. The company owns a website, and there is no need to publish on social media because they have specified client government and has been specified.
They arrange events in different cities, where audience from the government of Pakistan, and different organizations and advocacy participate. The start up investment was 3 million which was invested by CIIT. They do not get loan however Comsats invested the whole amount. For marketing purpose customer don’t find us however we find customers, for that we introduced the products in different countries.
To him Luck is everything it counts about 90%, moreover the remaining 10% is hard work. Entrepreneur is very difficult but at the end it pays a lot.
According to Atif if the automatic voting system is implemented in Pakistan you need to have only 15 days to have election not months.


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