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I seek you!

awful areTake_my_Soul_by_Rom_ZoX

the moments






still  remains

around me

above me

and inside me


my soul

encounters you

for ever

drops down




later which


to be

tears flow



the relief

when you

were felt

o thou

I seek you

I know

I lie

inside you



I am You!


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locked land381452-smoke-1337491355-425-640x480

freezing temperature

giggles for unknown

unconscious steps


the innocence

faded away


the swirling smoke


the air



Mind that Roams


the Soul that Haunts


Your Pursuit


glittering light in the eyes



the hope

that exists

seems worth,

for no reason,

Seeking You



and how long


I write to

empty my Mind


fill my Heart

and Yes,

the Quest is there


I meet You!


August 18, 2013 · 1:10 am

I do not have Right to celebrate Independence Day

Off to work today in the morning I had to get public transport, one the way two menImage sitting at the back seat started using bad language with each other on some due misconception, one said to the other, “you people are burden on the nation, if you were not than Pakistan have been far more better”, I was astonished to see this whole situation. All the way I was thinking about their words, a day which the other nations celebrate enthusiastically and greeting each other, we have such a stage, where one is condemning the existence of other.

Pakistan is a country which strives for food, security, and above all for existence. Nations across the world celebrate that because they are provided with all the basic necessities, they have their life security, they are given education. Pakistan has been called the dangerous zone for life and as far as dropouts are concerned where seven million children of primary level are out of school, where as in case of poverty every one person amongst four is living below the poverty line.

I can feel the smell in the air, the frightening horror, the voice of cry, and the moans of disappointment which my home land is suffered with. It needs security, it needs food, and it needs peace above all. Quaid was meant to make Pakistan not because he wanted a separated home land but a country where Muslims can practice their faith, where they can spread love, where there would be sharing of knowledge. But Alas this nation ends with extreme poverty, people do not have food to eat, they do not have home to live, they lack food, shelter, and clothing and above all they are claiming lives of each other’s on religious basis.

Being debtors of the world financial institutions, IMF and the WB, which has been rolling over for last many decades, along with all other social evils, should we celebrate independence, does independence means getting a piece of land where corruption would be touching skies, where there is a rule of thumb is that the rich will be richer and the poorer will become poor. Does independence means that a child of poor man cannot have the basic necessities at any cost provided a child of rich is enjoying luxurious life. Do I have enough right to celebrate independence where my mother land is shedding tears of blood? The bloodshed and the unrest across the country at the borders and in the country and it has become the most dangerous country for life.

I am ashamed the whole country is celebrating Independence even than life is not secured on its independence day, at night on 13th August due to blast in Karachi, two killed and several injured. If this means independence than all the dictionaries across the world should change their definition, but if independence is getting all your basic necessities of life than my nation is still in slumber, there is complete failure, and they should declared themselves to be failed to administer this country. For the loss and the corruption it is suffering with my heart bleeds for Pakistan.

What we can do on an individual capacity is to change our own, let promise ourselves to play best part in surrounding where ever we lives, because Pakistan needs our efforts and our affection and we need to join hands to take over poverty, illiteracy and the above a place where we can smell peace in our surrounding. So that a day will come when the people will greet on Independence Day, and thus I realized it was not their individual fault of those men but it was due to the suffocation and the suffering they are doing through with. And yes Pakistan Cries!

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