Sharif Story in Short-SSS

Nawaz sharif came into power third time

He was exiled by a military government for seven years

Elections were held in May 11, 2013

His party secured majority

Mr sharif bagg 244 votes

Age of nawaz sharif is 62

Mr. Nawaz Sharif opposes drone attack policy of the US

Mr. Nawaz Sharif is in favor of peace talks with Taliban

Amongst the all other issues his first priority would be energy crisis

Mr. Sharif started his political career in 1980, and served as Punjab Finance Minister

Mr. Sharif became PM for the first time in 1990 November, after the dissolution of the PPP Government lead by Benazir Bhutto,

He was than ousted by President Ghulam Ishaq Khan because of the political differences 1993.

Supreme Court restored his government, however he dissolved NA which paved the path to elections and Bhutto become PM for the second time.

Elections were held in 1997 after the dissolution of the PPP government by the then president Sardar Farooq Lagari, Sharif become president for the second time after his party won two third majority.

It was during Sharif second government when Pakistan conducted Nuclear Test in 1998, after few days when India did.

Later differences with the Army General Pervez Musharaf caused his oust on Kargil issue on Oct 12 Oct, 1999.

Sharif was sentenced to life imprisonment in April 2000, after he hijacked Musharaf plane.

After negotiation with the Lebanese PM his Rafiq Hariri, Sharif sentence was commuted to exile to Saudi Arabia.

He returned back to Pakistan after in November 2007 a month after Bhutto’s arrival

In 2008 elections his party won a quarter in the NA and formed a coalition with PPP in the center of Punjab.

However later on his party was withdrawn from the PPP lead coalition and joined opposition at the center.


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