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Should I be Proud of my leaders?

Surfing across the web I found some pictures, which catch my concentration kids sitting onImageground under open sky while appearing in the paper, later the caption which I read revealed that this is some area in Skardu-Gilgit Baltistan. I was astonished my leaders who talks about real pace and scale of development across the area, not even take notice of such crucial issues, on the other hand they talk about the mega projects across the area.  One more interesting thing I found, government has clearly mentioned in its mission statement that, “to bring all children, boys and girls inside in the school by providing quality education thorough access at all level” (reader can find it on website of Directorate of Education GB)- Although I don’t mind grammatical mistakes in this statement but basically their aim is to provide education at all levels, and I hope they are aim is to provide standard education as well.  Most interesting thing is at least they have mentioned the students in to the school not in the open air, but I don’t see it implementation in the pictures I found.

I believe education to be the most of the fundamental pillars of the economic prosperity, which has to be promoted at any case. According to a report published by Alif Ailaan Gilgit Baltistan is ranked as third among the provinces of the country in its educational index and its educational score is 67. Although Gilgit Baltistan is said to having high literacy rate although it falls at the third position in the list of the all provinces, in order to meet the growing challenges of the global village the educational system has to more efficient. It is worth mentioning here that although developed countries have educational index above 80.

Education is the most expensive gift a state can give to the citizens because it does not only affect the individual rather it, a family, a community and at a broader sense a nation. A child out of school is alarming signal for the hope society, because with the passage of time that single person is a representative of whole society. I hope leader could understand. Because a private institute cannot take responsibility of the provision of public good, although up to certain extent this is applicable but it is not accessible to all due to lack of the resources.  Economic prosperity can only be achieved through better education system, education creates opportunities, it increases skills and efficiency of people who can contribute towards the development of any nation.

I feel, this is the immense responsibility of the government to take notice of it, and I hope that government of Gilgit Baltistan will allocate a significant portion of the budget on educational development this year; otherwise our area would not be different than the other parts of country will a high percentage of child labor, and insecurity of food at all levels. I highly recommend the government to take notice of it and try its best improve quality of education, by providing qualified faculties at all levels, because mere setting up schools without proper management is not going to work at all.


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Poor Woman in Pakistan

Poor Woman in Pakistan

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