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First Day at Pak Secretariat…I continue to learn

With high aims in my mind and with the passion to work I stepped into the Pak Secretrate,Imageeverything amazed me, where I did not find any limitations in security for the people where not even a small creature can move through. Due to the security concern they do not let the public transport let it, thus who own their vehicles can take them in, since I do not own one, therefore I had to walk through a long distance about twenty minutes in the boiling summer while sweating. While walking through the premises of the secretrate I wonder what is the output of the people who has so much security measures for them.

It was evidence that Pakistan spends a large of its budget on defense. My heart bleeds inside thinking of the people who lie down on the roadsides, with hunger, under the boiling temperature, who do not have access to food, shelter and clothing. The lives of the officials are so secured as compared to the public who are not even food secured, I believe they work there all the national level decisions are taken but I do not understand what the product of their services is.

Rumbling and tumbling I got into office where I had to waited for half to the meet the official, as I was appointed to work there, I was enthusiastic enough because I joined it for the first time.  I was send back saying that they will post me to the respective department on the next day, since it happened for the first time again with the same enthusiasm I went to them next day,  I was shocked to listen that they are going to post me after three to four day. It was one of the bad news I heard ever.

Decision less I thought to enter into library another most interesting thing I found there is there were some personal computers next to the study tables, I wanted to use them but none of it was working, and the incharge was busy considering the office time as leisure time,  he has plugged earphones inside and was enjoying his leisure time, I could not stop myself I asked the person to fix the issue, he nodded and did not bother to fix it until I left library after five hours.

The story does not end here, I stepped out of the premises right at 3.50, because the office timing is 4 p.m , thinking to inquire about if there is any transportation system arranged by the officials, but I was shaken to see people  standing at the bus steps at 3.45, surely for which they must have left their offices at 3.30. One more thing is that out of the total working hours, they have a lunch break of 30 minutes, which takes maximum one hour. It is said that expectations hurts, this is what I experienced. Now you can image how of the time they spend on work.

Lastly I found no reason of such people being there. Young people ought not to be idle, it is very bad for them. I know that young people have more ideas than the others, many of the things restrict their progress, but I am hopeful that we will get something better to learn out of that, and I believe that development is a consistent process. The only thing I can do is to adjust with the situations; therefore I continue to learn…..


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