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Should I be Proud of my leaders?

Surfing across the web I found some pictures, which catch my concentration kids sitting onImageground under open sky while appearing in the paper, later the caption which I read revealed that this is some area in Skardu-Gilgit Baltistan. I was astonished my leaders who talks about real pace and scale of development across the area, not even take notice of such crucial issues, on the other hand they talk about the mega projects across the area.  One more interesting thing I found, government has clearly mentioned in its mission statement that, “to bring all children, boys and girls inside in the school by providing quality education thorough access at all level” (reader can find it on website of Directorate of Education GB)- Although I don’t mind grammatical mistakes in this statement but basically their aim is to provide education at all levels, and I hope they are aim is to provide standard education as well.  Most interesting thing is at least they have mentioned the students in to the school not in the open air, but I don’t see it implementation in the pictures I found.

I believe education to be the most of the fundamental pillars of the economic prosperity, which has to be promoted at any case. According to a report published by Alif Ailaan Gilgit Baltistan is ranked as third among the provinces of the country in its educational index and its educational score is 67. Although Gilgit Baltistan is said to having high literacy rate although it falls at the third position in the list of the all provinces, in order to meet the growing challenges of the global village the educational system has to more efficient. It is worth mentioning here that although developed countries have educational index above 80.

Education is the most expensive gift a state can give to the citizens because it does not only affect the individual rather it, a family, a community and at a broader sense a nation. A child out of school is alarming signal for the hope society, because with the passage of time that single person is a representative of whole society. I hope leader could understand. Because a private institute cannot take responsibility of the provision of public good, although up to certain extent this is applicable but it is not accessible to all due to lack of the resources.  Economic prosperity can only be achieved through better education system, education creates opportunities, it increases skills and efficiency of people who can contribute towards the development of any nation.

I feel, this is the immense responsibility of the government to take notice of it, and I hope that government of Gilgit Baltistan will allocate a significant portion of the budget on educational development this year; otherwise our area would not be different than the other parts of country will a high percentage of child labor, and insecurity of food at all levels. I highly recommend the government to take notice of it and try its best improve quality of education, by providing qualified faculties at all levels, because mere setting up schools without proper management is not going to work at all.


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Poor Woman in Pakistan

Poor Woman in Pakistan

Pakistan is a place where woman is insecure, specially lower class, with respect to food, life, and respect

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June 21, 2013 · 8:28 pm

Budget 2013-2014 at a glance

Total budget for the 2013-2014: Rs 3,591 billion

Total revenue: Rs 1,502 bn

  • PSDP Rs. 1155 bn upto 35.7 pc
  • Forex reserves to be increased to $ 20 bn by 2016
  • Fiscal deficit to be reduced by 6.3 pc by 2013-2014
  • Fiscal deficit to be reduced to 4 pc of GDP by 2016
  • Fiscal deficit of 2012-1013 is likely to be 8.8 pc
  • Rs 2.59 tr to be collected as taxes
  • Inflation to be kept in one digit
  • GDP growth is to raised by 7 pc
  • Tax to GDP ratio to be raised to 15 pc by 2015
  • Investment to GDP ratio to be increased to 20 pc
  • Programme to sell state assets to be revised
  • Professional managers to run state run firms
  • GST increased from 16 pc to 17 pc
  • Corporate taxes to be reduced in 5 years from 35 pc to 30 pc
  • Rs 59 bn allocated for new water reservoirs
  • Rs. 225 bn allocated for energy projects
  • Circular debt to be addressed in 60 days
  • Ra 31 bn for railways restructuring
  • Pension to be increased by 10 pc. No raise in salaries
  • Minimum pension raised from Rs.3000 to Rs 5000
  • Rs 3 bn allocated for laptop scheme for HEC recognized institutions
  • PM’s microfinance scheme for soft loans with zero percent mark up
  • Expenditures of PM office reduced from Rs 726 to 396 m

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Economic Survey 2012-2013

Finance Minister Mr. Ishaq Dar presented economic survey 2012-2013Image

  • Circular debt has been stands at Rs. 500bn
  • Highest ever deficit recorded
  • Growth rate stagnates ar 3.6 pc
  • Rs 350m shortfall in revenue
  • Bad financial year
  • Minister hinted a difficult road ahead
  • Said to increase the electricity tariffs, and he said that unless they increase it, it would be difficult to reduce loadshedding
  • Has promised to eradicate circular debt of 500 billion before June 30 or in two months at worst
  • The state of economy is facing severe macroeconomic challenges which could only be taken into the right direction through a series of reforms and policies and painful action. The statement a painful action is a signal that the common man has to bear much more pains as he was doing before.
  • These policies are going to be reflected in the budget speech.
  • According to the minister the revival of the economy is the first priority of the new government, and the growth target for the next year has been set at 4.4 pc. He has also said that the investment in the infrastructure would be increased and hence the development programme has been pitched at Rs.1.155 trillion for the next year.
  • Starting off with an affirmation of  8.0 pc higher fiscal deficit than the target of 4.7 pc, senator Dar said the deficit would end up at about 8.5 pc of GDP or about Rs,. 2 trillion at the end of the year the highest in Pakistan history.
  • He said the final amount of deficit could not be estimated because of the cash accounting system in the country.
  • Finance minister also took full owner ship of the next year budget, and he has been informally engaged with the central bank, FBR and Finance Ministry.
  • He also said that there is need to recover the deficit of Rs 2 trillion, which is 8.5 pc of the GDP , he said next year the deficit would be no more than 4.5-5 pc of the GDP. This could only be done through setting difficult targets and then make every effort to achieve them. The government expenses would also be curtailed by 30 pc.
  • The GDP growth was 3.6 pc against targeted GDP of 4.3pc and another slippage was revenue was at Rs 2.381 trillion, there was a shortfall of Rs. 350 billion this year. Along with the investment was 14.2 pc against its targeted value of 14.9 pc.
  • The investment-GDP ratio stood at 12.6 pc against its targeted value of 13.3 pc. He worth mentioning that an economy could not go on without 20 pc investment to GDP rate.
  • Foreign inflows were targeted at $ 1.8 billion but it stood at only 8 million $, leaving a shortfall of $ 1 billion.
  • National saving remained at 13.5 pc of GDP which was higher than its targeted value of 12.8 pc.
  • Both agriculture and the services sector grew below par, Agriculture sector was estimate to grow at 4.1 pc but it grew at 3.3 pc, while the services sector was targeted at 4.3 pc but its actual growth remained at 3.7 pc.
  • The industrial performance grew higher than what was targeted it remained 2.8 pc against targeted value of 2 pc.
  • As far as the external front and aid is concerned the current account deficit remain at 2.9 bn $, against 2 bn $ which was set by government. The value of foreign reserves held by SBP stood at a dismal $ 6.2bn.
  • Public debt which was Rs 3trn in June 1999, had increase to Rs 13.25trn in March this year and is expected to rise in Rs 14trn at the end of the financial year, which is not sustainable at all.
  • These all loans have been utilized not for the capital investment but to finance deficit, which was a violation of the Fiscal Responsibility and Debt Limitation Act.
  • Public debt should not be more than 60 pc of GDP but it had grown beyond 62 pc

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First Day at Pak Secretariat…I continue to learn

With high aims in my mind and with the passion to work I stepped into the Pak Secretrate,Imageeverything amazed me, where I did not find any limitations in security for the people where not even a small creature can move through. Due to the security concern they do not let the public transport let it, thus who own their vehicles can take them in, since I do not own one, therefore I had to walk through a long distance about twenty minutes in the boiling summer while sweating. While walking through the premises of the secretrate I wonder what is the output of the people who has so much security measures for them.

It was evidence that Pakistan spends a large of its budget on defense. My heart bleeds inside thinking of the people who lie down on the roadsides, with hunger, under the boiling temperature, who do not have access to food, shelter and clothing. The lives of the officials are so secured as compared to the public who are not even food secured, I believe they work there all the national level decisions are taken but I do not understand what the product of their services is.

Rumbling and tumbling I got into office where I had to waited for half to the meet the official, as I was appointed to work there, I was enthusiastic enough because I joined it for the first time.  I was send back saying that they will post me to the respective department on the next day, since it happened for the first time again with the same enthusiasm I went to them next day,  I was shocked to listen that they are going to post me after three to four day. It was one of the bad news I heard ever.

Decision less I thought to enter into library another most interesting thing I found there is there were some personal computers next to the study tables, I wanted to use them but none of it was working, and the incharge was busy considering the office time as leisure time,  he has plugged earphones inside and was enjoying his leisure time, I could not stop myself I asked the person to fix the issue, he nodded and did not bother to fix it until I left library after five hours.

The story does not end here, I stepped out of the premises right at 3.50, because the office timing is 4 p.m , thinking to inquire about if there is any transportation system arranged by the officials, but I was shaken to see people  standing at the bus steps at 3.45, surely for which they must have left their offices at 3.30. One more thing is that out of the total working hours, they have a lunch break of 30 minutes, which takes maximum one hour. It is said that expectations hurts, this is what I experienced. Now you can image how of the time they spend on work.

Lastly I found no reason of such people being there. Young people ought not to be idle, it is very bad for them. I know that young people have more ideas than the others, many of the things restrict their progress, but I am hopeful that we will get something better to learn out of that, and I believe that development is a consistent process. The only thing I can do is to adjust with the situations; therefore I continue to learn…..

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