What Does Development Mean?

And thus I decided to work for others, because humanity means working for others not for our selves, many of thingsimages going on around us before us and after us, what the policy makers are doing behind the scenes, I don’t know. What does development means?  It is sustainable improvement in the standard of living of the people, so a developing country must include consistent growth in of all the other sectors along with the health, and education which most important for economic development.

Every day when I stepped out of my home, I see hundred and thousands of the people begging, children picking garbage, poor seeking help, and orphans seeking foods. The unequal distribution of the resources and the power is one of the main reason for being a third world country, which obviously gives birth to the vicious circle of poverty, and with the passage of time the poor becomes poorer and rich become richer, which widens the gap of the different classes in the economy and it is a bad omen for the development. The practice of having temporary shelter is common in Pakistan, people do rely on the temporary shelters for their residence, any destruction caused by the natural flood or the natural disaster force them to move around the other side, and thus this indicates many people lack shelter along with the food and education. Lack of infrastructure and the transportation is another issue for a common man.

Do policy makers and those in authority feel this dilemma, actually not, because they have been not gone through these pains, a common man who has to walk down in the boiling weather down to the office and to avail the breathtaking public transport is an another issue, those who have never faced such a dilemma cannot understand the pains of the common man. What they do who are meant to make economy better, do they play the role they should do, will they realize the things they should do, and are many question which remain unanswered but I do not find solution other than questioning my own, and incase I get a chance to be in authority, I will do my best in order to mobilize all the resources towards the common development.

It needs several stages for a country to get developed, but once it start the journey it, it runs consistently and the available resources pool into the progress steadily, and thus after the several years or may be decades it reaches to its final stage of development, where you need not to take major steps, it flows at a certain rate on its own. After it has been set on a path it works as an automated process. And the natural forces in the economy sustain it throughout until an un avoidable situation comes into play.

Though the public welfare is not private goods and neither it is responsibility of an individual to provide it, and it is out of the access of an individual to overcome such issues, until the central authorities do something, therefore the whole responsibility is over the shoulders of the central authorities. How to raise the income level and how to raise the standard of the people, it is obviously publicly provided goods, which has to be taken over by the government, shelter must be provided, infrastructure and transport system must be refined.

Every  day when I use to be back to home from work, I feel sorry for such people and wonder if I can do something to these people, for I will have to convey the message to those of the people who just wait and watch for the development, I am confident enough to say that once I will be one of economist of my country, and will play an important role to save the human capital so that my home land could also be on the path of prosperity and development, I always hope and wish for it, I am much imaginative enough and expect that my dreams will come true. And thus I decided to dedicate myself for the development.



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