Writing Statement of Purpose

Statement of purpose is one of the main thing on the basis of which you will be selected for any scholarship. Here are some of the main points you need to keep in mind while writing a statement of purpose.Sop-Writing

  1. Passion: do not show that you are bored of your daily life because of which you are applying for the scholarship rather you show your passion that you want to work and you want change.
  2. Intelligence:  showing intelligence does not mean that you use the strong vocabulary rather use the simplest words and convince the reader what you say in the best possible way.
  3. Prepared: be prepared academically, mentally. Show some back ground of the subject you are applying for, for example you have the work experience of the subject you are applying for, show some interest using pragmatic approach.
  4. Include Challenges you Face: jot down all the challenges you face, keep in mind that you do not personalize it because showing sympathy is not the purpose of this statement,  do not mention you belong to a family having weak financial back ground or you are an orphan etc. rather point down all the challenges you face while doing some community work etc.
  5. Future Rep of that School: how would you be representing the school you will attend when you come back from the other country. Include all those aim which you will be doing when you will be graduated from the high school/ university.

Along with the do not forget to include the following points

Why you


What’s in it for Pakistan/ USA?

And specifically you gonna do when you come back.


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