A single child out of school really matters

317093Many things go around us unnoticed, but at the end when we have to face to result it really hurts, same are the things going around us in our daily lives, from dawn to dusk, but many few bother to take notice of such thing, is it so? Here goes a perfect example.

An educated child leads to the bright future of the family, the uneducated child results in an undefined future of the child, there are many examples around us where we see many of the children picking up garbage and begging others, wiping  the vehicles when the signals at the road side are stopped, these are few of the many examples which create  a very despair feeling, it’s really hectic to see, those who must be in school have only heard the word, those who must be busy with the books are busy with collecting rappers and garbage, wiping the vehicles, whole day and in the evening sitting on road side and fill their appetites with the remains of the restaurants and hotels unknown of the next day whether they get something in the morning to eat or not.

Such a child is becoming the alarming factor for the whole society and his life would be obviously insecure from all aspects, food insecurity, health insecurity, and in fact future of the whole family would be totally insecure. Seeing such kids round and around really gives me pain knowing that their future would be that of beggar and a garbage piker.

Anybody who have ever thought of the future of such a kid? it really gives me pain, can I do something nothing else than expressing the pain of the such innocent children in words, due to resource constraint it’s impossible to do so and no other individual can do anything, except for a collective effort, the question arises here is that, how this effort can be gathered, the obviously answer is that the central authority is the regulatory authority of the such issues, what if this is most inefficient body, here comes the role  of the common man who can do anything through consultation with the people around him.

Thus we can only save the future of the nation and the country through collective efforts so as to have the bright ahead. And together we can make difference.




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