I am a departed soul of the Whole

O theedownload

you can make my world dark

you can take my breath

you can surround me with the horror

that em extremely worried of

you can distract me

you can make me blind


you cant define my destination

u know why

my lord is superior and the one

the one who cares me for,

brings illumination in the darkness thou created

exhales and inhales through him thee take my breath

the one who saves me from the horror thee created

the one who teach me the right path thee distract me

the one who brings light into my eyes for the blindness


the one who make me stand

the one who is my back bone

the one who defines me

I  will reach there

which he defined for me

even if

you spread evils

around me

before me

after me

you know why


I am a departed soul of the Whole!



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