In the Memory of Martyr

ImageI was my mother’s love, my father’s courage, I was a reason of proud for my family and a hope for my siblings, I was a pearl to play an important role for the society.

My mother was reluctant to send to the city because she did not want me go away from her, I  convinced her that I will be the one who will make proud, I will be the who will be supporting the whole life, I was brought up in the warmth of my mother lap, she cried when I cried, she stayed whole night when I was bad in health, she tried her best to make me happy, she sacrificed everything she has to make me feel happy,  and my father’s love , he was happy to see me because I was the one who was going to be his back bone, in times of hurdles and in times of the hardness, I had to give him support, and I was the shining star at my home, my mother  waited so long for I did not get back to home, when she came to know I had to go she used to count down the days, hours and even seconds, the moment I entered into my home she stepped to the entrance of home, kissed my forehead and said, “Dear son, you made me waited so long, I really missed you”, and the giggles of the sibling and right after that the messages of congratulations by the neighbors to my parents for I did my degree from one of the prestigious institutes of the country, my father used to lift his shoulders up because he had heave a sigh of relief after hurdles and the hard work to take me at this stage.

Days passed on, things seemed better, with the grace of God, matters were pretty awesome, mothers love, fathers satisfaction, siblings giggles between the peaceful  environment, the high mountains and the morning breeze use to say me good morning every day, days passed on and these stuff made my life pretty. As usual I went off to the job saying bye to mum, who again repeated the worlds, “my dear son be back soon I will be waiting for you”, the mother will be waiting her long life but I won’t be going back to my mum, I know she would be looking at the door every day at home and my father will be waiting for me to hug me the moment I entered home, but I won’t be there any time, my naughty sibling will be waiting for the fun we used to had together when I was back from work, they will be waiting their whole lives,  I am missing them all. I am in the HEAVEN tell them not to cry, not to be dishearten because “I AM A MARTYR AND A MARTYR IS ALWAYS ALIVE”.

May his soul rest in peace! Ameen.



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6 responses to “In the Memory of Martyr

  1. Very nice Naseema ..May his soul Rest in peace

  2. DR Barkat Ali SOOMRO

    KUL NAFSAN ZAAEQATUL-MAUT is our Eimaan. The only thing we do now, and we MUST regularly do, is to recite QULL, every day without fail, for the deceased and PRAY to ALMIGHTY ALLAH to GRANT him JANNAH. AAMEEN SUMM-AAMMEEN.

  3. Manzoor

    May his soul rest in peace, the question is when the beast of GB will realize the pain of loosing a son, husband father and brother…