I will survive

Mukhtar Mai, Fakhra Younis, Samia Sarwar..women victimized in Pakistan. The first a gang-Imagerape survivor who saw her alleged rapists go free following a nearly decade-long court battle, the second an acid attack victim who committed suicide after 12 desolate years, the third a young woman killed for honour when she sought to leave an abusive marriage. They belonged to diverse socio-economic backgrounds, but in the final reckoning, living in a patriarchal society like Pakistan proves the ultimate equalizer for women across the spectrum.

According to Aurat Foundatin in the year 2011, over 8500 women in the country were victimized of violence including acid attack, rape and honor killing, in a country like Pakistan even if a women is victimized she has to survive under violence. In order to deal with violence against women, including acid attack, honor killing, sexual harassment and forced marriages which includes marriages to Quran, several legislations have been passed by the Pakistani parliament which are meant provide protection to the women. Passing of legislation by a broken system is not going to work effectively, it needs proper implementation of the laws and regulations and serious efforts to remove this curse from society.

Pakistan is a country where women are considered to be dishonor not for only family but society, many of them are bound between the four walls of the house, some more interesting cases I have come across with are, many of the women are allowed to get education but unfortunately after completion of their education they are not allowed to work in offices, which is loss of the talent, loss of the resources and a disastrous factor to the society, who otherwise could play an important role for the socio-economic development of the society, such women must be encouraged to be independent economically, so that they can work side by side with the men to improve the standard of living of the families, which would obviously affect the national prosperity, since approximately half of the population consists of women, but unfortunately Pakistan is such a suffocated country where women do not have freedom of speech.

It is now time for all women to fight for their right to life, dignity and justice, in order to save their own lives, to save the society and to save the nation.


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  1. Sreehari

    Dear Ms. Perveen
    In this time of new year, I would like to wish you that May this year be a Golden mile stone in your road less travel of planet Earth.
    Many of your intellectual comments on many blogs of Dawn directed me to your page.
    Nice to hear the sounds of hope in many cries.
    The above blog made me make a comment. in our theology, Female represents power, and male represents consciousness. it is just like action and vision. complement each other.
    Hence obviously a society ( group of minds) which has both in a synchronizing way, will be a best place to spend our time. In that sense I completely agree with your point that it is inevitable to have women empowerment for a civilized society and which builds nations.
    I wish your sparks will reach to thousands of heated up minds to burn of the evils of the society