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In the Memory of Martyr

ImageI was my mother’s love, my father’s courage, I was a reason of proud for my family and a hope for my siblings, I was a pearl to play an important role for the society.

My mother was reluctant to send to the city because she did not want me go away from her, I  convinced her that I will be the one who will make proud, I will be the who will be supporting the whole life, I was brought up in the warmth of my mother lap, she cried when I cried, she stayed whole night when I was bad in health, she tried her best to make me happy, she sacrificed everything she has to make me feel happy,  and my father’s love , he was happy to see me because I was the one who was going to be his back bone, in times of hurdles and in times of the hardness, I had to give him support, and I was the shining star at my home, my mother  waited so long for I did not get back to home, when she came to know I had to go she used to count down the days, hours and even seconds, the moment I entered into my home she stepped to the entrance of home, kissed my forehead and said, “Dear son, you made me waited so long, I really missed you”, and the giggles of the sibling and right after that the messages of congratulations by the neighbors to my parents for I did my degree from one of the prestigious institutes of the country, my father used to lift his shoulders up because he had heave a sigh of relief after hurdles and the hard work to take me at this stage.

Days passed on, things seemed better, with the grace of God, matters were pretty awesome, mothers love, fathers satisfaction, siblings giggles between the peaceful  environment, the high mountains and the morning breeze use to say me good morning every day, days passed on and these stuff made my life pretty. As usual I went off to the job saying bye to mum, who again repeated the worlds, “my dear son be back soon I will be waiting for you”, the mother will be waiting her long life but I won’t be going back to my mum, I know she would be looking at the door every day at home and my father will be waiting for me to hug me the moment I entered home, but I won’t be there any time, my naughty sibling will be waiting for the fun we used to had together when I was back from work, they will be waiting their whole lives,  I am missing them all. I am in the HEAVEN tell them not to cry, not to be dishearten because “I AM A MARTYR AND A MARTYR IS ALWAYS ALIVE”.

May his soul rest in peace! Ameen.



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I will survive

Mukhtar Mai, Fakhra Younis, Samia Sarwar..women victimized in Pakistan. The first a gang-Imagerape survivor who saw her alleged rapists go free following a nearly decade-long court battle, the second an acid attack victim who committed suicide after 12 desolate years, the third a young woman killed for honour when she sought to leave an abusive marriage. They belonged to diverse socio-economic backgrounds, but in the final reckoning, living in a patriarchal society like Pakistan proves the ultimate equalizer for women across the spectrum.

According to Aurat Foundatin in the year 2011, over 8500 women in the country were victimized of violence including acid attack, rape and honor killing, in a country like Pakistan even if a women is victimized she has to survive under violence. In order to deal with violence against women, including acid attack, honor killing, sexual harassment and forced marriages which includes marriages to Quran, several legislations have been passed by the Pakistani parliament which are meant provide protection to the women. Passing of legislation by a broken system is not going to work effectively, it needs proper implementation of the laws and regulations and serious efforts to remove this curse from society.

Pakistan is a country where women are considered to be dishonor not for only family but society, many of them are bound between the four walls of the house, some more interesting cases I have come across with are, many of the women are allowed to get education but unfortunately after completion of their education they are not allowed to work in offices, which is loss of the talent, loss of the resources and a disastrous factor to the society, who otherwise could play an important role for the socio-economic development of the society, such women must be encouraged to be independent economically, so that they can work side by side with the men to improve the standard of living of the families, which would obviously affect the national prosperity, since approximately half of the population consists of women, but unfortunately Pakistan is such a suffocated country where women do not have freedom of speech.

It is now time for all women to fight for their right to life, dignity and justice, in order to save their own lives, to save the society and to save the nation.

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Role of Civil Society

States where the government is fragile only civil society can play an important part to have Image o social development, this can be done through pooling resources, and mobilize all those resources which can be mobilized, this could have a momentous impact in our societies. There are various examples in the world where the nations having fragile governance, still made extraordinary progress, this can only be done when the people together for a common cause, for a common economic purpose, this is how we can built a sound foundation of the development. Resource mobilization is what actually matters in any society.

The definition of development lies in the fact that is there food security exists, how many of the children go to school, how many people flee from fear because fear is one of the most important factor in making the societies. These are the indicators which depict the overall standard of the social setup. Getting together in order to achieve these goals will result social as well as economic development, it will promote pluralism to be a strength, let us fight for the hope, aspiration ad quality life, and success of a nation lies on the ground that how much can civil society play role for the development of a society.

Past is a bygone, present is where we stand but what actually matters is the future of a nation, which is totally dependent upon the future leaders of the country, our nation is going to be in the hands those kids who cry for education, support and food security today, lets save them and save the future of the nation.

According to a rough estimation, the literacy rate of Gilgit-Baltistan is said to 90% approximately, and it is one of the developed areas of the country, but according to survey done by The Milky Way Foundation this year it has been found that unfortunately thousands of the children still do not have access to the education, due to poverty and thus ended up with the child labor. Child labor is a deadly virus and in fact it is, which needs to be understood by policy makers, professionals and students, because these kids are going to define our future, children are the future of the nation save the children and save future.

The Milky Way Foundation, a youth lead organization,  itself is working in Gilgit-Baltistan, for the making education access to everyone irrespective of the faith, creed and cast, in order not only to save the future of the children, but the future of region and the future of the country. It does not mean to help an individual only but the repositioning of a family in society. Being a part of The Milky Way I request all the students, professions and the citizens of the Gilgit-Baltistan to come forward to serve our region. University chapters have also been established in order to involve youth for this noble cause, join The Milky Way and serve your region. Let be you a part for the Nobel cause, it is all about you and for the future of your nation. Lets fight for the common cause, fight for the hope, aspiration and a quality life this is how we can built sound foundation for development. Together we can make a difference ant it is where the civil society comes into play.

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A flying bird

A flying bird Image

in search 

wondering around

all alone 

a ray of hope  

the only campanion

can smell

in the air

your presence


you are





every breath

gives an evidence


your presence

flying around 


heights of sky


whispered flowers 

made me smile


they nodded 

your presence

i was then 

no more

all alone 


a flying bird ❤


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I belong to you but i dont

i belong to you images (1)


i don’t

i come from you


i can’t be yours

i am your child


i am not your’s

i am your daughter


i am not

i came through you


i didn’t come from you

you can give me love


you can’t give me your thoughts

you can house my body


you can’t my soul

you can strive to be like me


you can’t seek me to be like you


i am a departed soul

of the Father of Heaven

from where i came from!


I need to go…..

Naseema Perveen Sheen


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