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This is how I can Paint your World!

Em not good at painting


I know I can color your world,

I own the brush

and the natural colors

for the peace and harmony in your life,

I will make it up with green

for confidence and courage to face the world

I will gloss it over red

I will paint it with golden

you know why?

cause its a color of heavens

for your wisdom, joy, happiness and intellectual energy,

I will use yellow in this chroma

for your good health and  long life,

I will evince pink

for royalty, spirituality and nobility

I will use purple

for  the security, and reliability

I will paint it with silver

for purity of your soul

I will dye it white,

one more thing

I wont color it with black

u know why


it’s a symbol of death and mourning

which i never want you to face





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