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In Memory of Dr. Tariq Javed (late)

it was bright day

the day was at its full swing

the cool breeze

but the sun shine

made the weather glowing

at once

my feet slipped over the stairs,

the sun faded away

the weather turned

darkest around

you know why,

the ever shocking text i received

the one who made cheers on the faces

the one where every one found paternal love

the one who made the surrounding ever shine

it can’t express the feeling of your absence,

the vacant space you left

today when it is a year late,

i still see you all around

you know why


you made a place in every ones heart

the richer, the poorer, the sharp, the lazy

when some were leaving heaven

you stopped them

the sympathy you shown

the kindness is no more

did you ever imagine?

how surrounding would have been with out

a space to be filled,

may take decades,

you know why


pearls are always rare and precious!

the world lost a pearl


the heaven gained and angel!

Naseema Perveen Sheen


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I didn’t know!

i was beauteous, i didn’t know 

i was gorgeous i didn’t know

i was glorious i didn’t know

i was pulchritudinous i didn’t know

i was beautiful i didn’t know

i was bonnie i didn’t know

i was pretty i didn’t know

i was stunning i didn’t know

i was miss world

even then

i didn’t know


i didn’t know


i was you!


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