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Nasir-i Khusraw’s famous seven-year journey is recorded in his book Safarnama (Travelogue). Nasir-I Khusraw had travelled to Cairo, where he had spent a few years training as dai. In his Travelogue, he describes the splendour of the Fatimid capital as well as the wealth of Egypt:

“I estimated that there were no less than twenty thousand shops in Cairo… Every sort of rare goods from all over the world can be had there: I saw tortoise-shell implements such as small boxes, knife handles, and so on. I also saw extremely fine crystal, which the master craftsmen etch most beautifully… I saw the following fruits and herbs, all in one day: red roses, lilies, narcissus, oranges, citrons, limes and other citrus fruits, apples, jasmine, basil, quince, pomegranates, pears, melons of various sorts, bananas, olives, myrobalan, fresh dates, grapes, sugarcane, eggplants, fresh squash, turnips, radishes, cabbage, fresh beans, cucumbers, green onions, fresh…

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