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I am an another you..

far away,

miles of distances

bundle of hurdles,

heights of mountains

and depths of oceans

in search of you,

will face a rough passage

life time journey will be over


will be ended only with,

burns on my feet

dust in my eyes,

the only thing i will have

“a fragile soul”

i know

the moment of cheers

the glittering crystal

the cool breeze

the blossom of flowers

the light of hope

all that i found

the moment

i looked inside me


found you!

my soul


you lie inside me


in fact

I am an another you!



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The Boy, the Man, and the Sky (An imagined conversation)

Little Rich Girl

On a day when hope runs high and when the world finds itself inspired again, I wish to share another five-year-old post that I had written–my first attempt at writing a fable. This remains one of my favorite works to date.

The Boy, the Man, and the Sky
An imagined conversation by Niña Terol

Reposted from Soul Work (written November 10, 2007)


One evening, the Man asked the Boy, his grandson, to accompany him outdoors. There was a small grassy hill outside their farm, and it was from there that he liked to see the night sky cover the earth like a thick velvet blanket studded with tiny diamonds.

The Boy enjoyed being outdoors and feeling the cool night breeze touch his nape. He enjoyed looking at the stars and trying to name the constellations. (He knew only Orion, the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, and Virgo.)

“When I…

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