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When I met you!

Imagei had so much inside me i didn’t know

until i met you

i was all alone

i was fragile;ready to be broken

the soul that lies deep inside heart

all around even in desert

make me feel as if i can fly

even when em near to die

the power that comes from deep down

which has limitless roots

the only treasure i found on earth

the only thing which made me confident

confident to face the world,

instead of the unending challenges,

to go beyond the limits, even the world distracted me back

the ray of hope that rose when it was dark around

it was because of you

my soul

you made my life

heaven was away until i met you

but it was all there when i met you

it is soothing to listen to the voice from deep inside you

which would not have been possible with out you

i know you have always been mine

and i will never let you go away

For we have to go to the Creator

to Whom we belong

Will never let you alone

God has made you for me

i am you

and you are me

forever and ever!

Thank you God for every thing YOU made for me!



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