Malala Yousufzai….A Source of Aspiration

Malala Yousufzai is resident of Mingora, main city of the swat valley, who was targeted by the Taliban because

This photo is caught from a video film that ha...

This photo is caught from a video film that has been filmed by RAWA in Kabul using a hidden camera. It shows two Taliban from department of Amro bil mahroof (Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, Taliban religious police) beating a woman in public because she has dared to remove her burqa in public. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

of the reason that she tried her level best to bring in to light the bad evils of the Taliban, which were being practiced in her valley. She is the bravest young girl of Pakistan, who is only of 14 years old, her role is a source of aspiration, not only across the country rather across the world. Malala and her family stood their grounds even when the whole city fell to Taliban. She is the first youngest girls to raise voice against Taliban. When we look back five hundred schools were blown up in the last five years, no body dare to do some thing against this lose but it is only Malala who has highlighted the matter at international level, and this matter appeared on BBC world  for the first time by a seventh grade student, which no body else dared to do so far, she explained how she and her friends where being suffered.

Due to her step to raise voice against Taliban she became target for the them, and with this aim she became prey for them early this week when she was back to home from her school. Due to the bad condition after attack, she was shifted to Peshawar for her urgent treatment and after that she is under special treatment at Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology at Rawalpindi, and is said to be out of danger. According to sources said a gang of Taliban has entered into the Waziristan with an aim to shoot her down, because of this reason the security forces has started operation across the country .

For the good health and recovery of Malal Youma-i-Dua has been celebrated across the country in private as well as government schools, and in the masajids as well. Special prayers has also been celebrated in different schools in Afghanistan for her recovery.

This has been condemned not only across the country rather across the globe, because was an act for the suppression of the voice which was raised against the brutal acts of Taliban, who try to kill innocent people in the name of Islam for the last decade. Now this has been the most critical issue across media, and it appears day and night in headlines and has become most debatable issue around.

It is an open fact that, up till now thousands of the people were being killed in tribal areas and hundreds of the girls school were blown up, now my question is, were the authorities and the government along with the media were unfamiliar with  the fact? rather they all know about the brutal acts of the Taliban in the area when hundreds of the children, females and male were cruelly killed on daily basis,for that many of the people strike for the rights of the innocent people, they begged the authorities to do some thing to secure the lives of the people, though it became an international issue for the last decade but than no body bother to highlight it at the level at which the case of Malala is being highlighted.

I was watching “faisla awan ka” hosted by Asma Sherazi on Dawn News, and it was said “ab waqt a chuka hy ki awam faisla kary ki unhain Taliban ka sath dain ki nhe“. I was shocked to see that they were discussing such an open question and an old aged question, which would have been discussed ten years before, I replied to my self  “yai waqt to bhot phley achuka tha tb tou sub sorahy thy” when Taliban stepped for the first time on our beloved land and they hibernate before this happened.

Until the right time comes, when there will be right people in authorities, we can only pray for the prosperity of the country and prosperity of the people like Malala Yousufzai, who try their best to remove all the evils from this country, I salute you Malala for your bravery and the courage.



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2 responses to “Malala Yousufzai….A Source of Aspiration

  1. Hamid / Australia

    Let’s just shift a gear down and look at the bigger picture from the “normal” stand point. What happened to Malala is a result of many factors, mainly support for the talibans from inside Pakistan and 2ndly, the stagnant ideology they believe, “Jannah” is earned by showing humanity and humility and not acting like a rabid dog. In a society like ours, a female can “demand” the respect and protection if she she is lucky to get education, but step away from the cities and enter the villages and towns, women has no voice, no emotions, no nothing, they are reliant on the men for everything. The dark side of it, the beatings, the burning, the so called honor killings, its all part of her life. She got no voice, cannot raise either, if she cannot express, what more she can do?

    The only purpose is to have them as “child machines” and to be a robot for house chores. We hardly care about about how they feel, what they feel cause we don’t want to change the “Norm”, no matter how “Educated” we become.

    This is not what Prophet PBUH had preached. We have created this culture of inequality where we are proud to suppress any voice a woman have and even if she does, most of us are deaf to it.

    The day you start respecting your women, give them what they deserve and stand up for them, will be the day when no more will suffer, but how many willing to do it? That is the question.

    So when talibans says they shot Malala in the name of sharia, where is the clergy to denounce that, brand it misleading and utterly absurd? No wonder it says that deepest pit of hell is reserved for beard clad hypocrites. I am sorry you cannot change anything cause you let tolerated the wrong for so long that it will take a miracle to do a U-turn.

    I am for once, glad that I am no longer part of this society anymore. You should seek your liberation as well.

    Peace be upon you.

  2. So the young lady will recover? It sounds as if…and I certainly hope so. She is very brave. A well written article, compassionate yet objective.