Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain…Does Reality Exists??

Social media is said to be a great way to bring changes in the society, to make many things better and to change the


Reality (Photo credit: nualabugeye)

minds of people, does it really happens, or not. Many of you agree and many may not, because of the many set backs of the social media.

Although social media no doubt plays an immense role in developing minds and life styles of the people, but if fact it does not show its real face,which is  behind the scenes, many of the anchors and journalist are said to be some thing else behind the scenes and they show their other face on the live shows, it is in fact,its all about the insincerity with themselves, and the whole nation

Going through such a debatable issue lets take example of the famous anchor and the journalist Dr. Amir liaquat Hussain who has been publicly declared to be one the most unethical and unrealistic journalist and who always show the other face to the audience, it was also declared publicly that he has fake degrees as well. And all the things said are explained with proper facts and evidences.

Was the person admitted the blame? no not at all, the guilty person said the records and videos which were published were to be dubbed and fake, he declared it to be propaganda against him, he is never ready to accept what he has done, hundreds and thousands of the video exposed the real face of the Amir Liaquat, it is very pathetic to see his real face, hats off to those who bring forward the real face of the him, other wise people would have carried on watching the broadcasting of this fake person.

He has also used the unethical and unbearable language against the religions, whose videos has also been published in youtube, many of the viewers do not agree with what was being published but it reflects a reality. But we can only conform it if we have an expert of IT who can only tell whether it is fake or not, and even after the videos has been analysed by such experts they proved not to be fake.

I was really impressed with the way, with which he starts the show and hosts his show “Alim Online”, and I used to consider him the most civilized, polite, and good mannered personality and a well groomed journalist and but after getting through all the videos across web it even do not want to see his face, this happened with many of the people all around me.

One more thing which was bit interesting about the guilty person was about his fake degrees around the websites, he has  done his masters almost 9 years after his graduation, and the duration he get his PhD degree is with in 20 days after he has received his masters degree, isn’t it interesting?? yeah its more than enough and couldn’t stop my laughter after coming through his reality although it was miserable to know about the fact.

The other rather more interesting thing about the story goes here, when Mr. Liaquat is back to the screen, has the concern authorities forgive all the mistakes he has done, if yes than why?? This is what worst management in our country which rounds around politics, education sector and all others sectors including economy.

This a matter of immense distress , regret and disappointment  to know about the realities of such people, this is really a very immoral act. This is bad omen for the progress of our beloved country Pakistan, and its obviously unbearable, I don’t know how the concern authorities take such sensitive issues so easily and they are indifferent, May Allah Almighty give all the understand to ability to handle such problem efficiently.



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6 responses to “Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain…Does Reality Exists??

  1. Bilal

    He is the phoniest of the phonies, if you think of word, Fake, his image comes to mind right away. I am flabbergasted at the morality of ARY and GEO, he was kicked out one from one channel and was hired by new channel “knowing” how fake and unethical he is. MQM kicked him out of the party after his program where he openly “told” people that it’s ok to kill ahmadis (in the name of islam) and in result of that 2 highly qualified surgeons (one in karachi and one muzaffarabad) were gunned down in broad day light because they were ahmadis. Do this moron knows how much time it takes to make one surgeon? This guy deserves a “chittar” big time. He has no idea what he talks about, he has no insight into religion and when you hear him it’s just jibbrish. He should go join the “madni channel”, atleast when they pretend something, they mean it !!!

    P.S. This new blog theme is too rusty, previous one was far better and easy on eyes (shall I start a “bring back the old theme” movement)?

    • There are hundreds and thousands of other Amir Liaquats who go unnoticeable in this country, and if they are under noticed they ignored, for the authorities are not sincere with the nation nor with the there selves..
      Proper action would have been taken for what he has done but alas he is again welcomed so warmly in media.This is what the inefficiency of authorities.

  2. Bilal

    True, they go unnoticed because they are not on TV and the the average person do not have the knowledge to challenge them. Well this is a cancer that started from Zia and now it has spread all over. There is no cure because, first, it’s gone terminal, 2ndly, the people with influence, still support Zia’s ideology. What they fail to notice is that although Zia wanted to build an “islamic” state, he set the wheels in motion with a murder. We can argue over Bhutto’s case and what not, but reality is that Bhutto was starting point of Zia’s agenda. Come to think of it, everytime a Bhutto dies, the country plunges into caos.

    Our media has lost track these days, it all started off really well and they resist Musharraf quite well but that was it, soon the change came, they changed as well.

    (the old theme is back … weeeeeeeee)

  3. Bilal

    Aoa, did you by any chance saw him on ARY yesterday? he was bragging about celebraing “yom-e-tahafuze namoos-e-risalat” rahter than “yome-e ashiq-e-rasool” cause he said that every day is like this, let’s recap his so called “ishq” for Rshool PUBH against his actions,

    1. He is one of the ‘top’ liers you can find on TV
    2. The biggest pretender on media
    3. Has no religious backgroud or degree to call himself “religious scholar”
    4. Openly preached that ahmadis are “wajabul qatal” on his Alim online at Geo, and we lost two of the best surgeons that day

    What he does everyday do align with satanism but never with “hub-e-Rasool”, and the tragedy is that he has no idea the hell he is creating for himself.

    For this Ahmadi episode, he was sacked by his party and then Geo, now ARY who has lost all moral values recently, have put him on the payroll, I mean if they can hire corrupt crickers as “experts”, how low they can go is anyone’s guess.

  4. جس معاشرے میں عدل نہ ہو وہاں اللہ کا فضل نہیں ہوتا،عامرلیاقت

    لاہور(نمائندہ جنگ) معروف ریسرچ اسکالر اور جیو نیٹ ورک کے وائس پریذیڈنٹ ڈاکٹر عامر لیاقت حسین نے کہا ہے کہ نبی کریم صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم کی معراجوں میں سے ایک معراج یہ بھی ہے کہ آپ نے اپنے کردار کی فقید المثال بلندی سے خون کے پیاسوں اور بت پرستوں کوخدائے واحد کی بارگاہ میں سرنگوں کرکے یہ ثابت کردیا کہ طاقت تلوار میں نہیں بلکہ کردار میں ہوتی ہے لاہور میں سینٹرل کالج برائے خواتین میں ”اسوہٴ حسنہ اور حسنِ معاشرت“ کے موضوع پر لیکچر دیتے ہوئے ممتاز مقرر نے کہا کہ جس معاشرے میں عدل نہیں ہوتا اُس معاشرے پر اللہ تعالیٰ کا فضل نہیں ہوتااِسی لیے تمام انبیا اور بالخصوص پیغمبرآخر الزماں اور اُن کے اصحاب نے اپنی مبارک حیاتیں صرف اور صرف عدل،انصاف اوراللہ کے قانون کی بالادستی کے لیے وقف کردی تھیں اور یہی وہ فطری حسن تھا جس نے حسنِ معاشرت کو جنم دیا۔ اُنہوں نے کہا کہ اسوہٴ حسنہ دراصل حق کے پرچارکا نام ہے جس کے اصول جبر و استبداد نہیں بلکہ اعلیٰ اخلاق ہیں اور ہمارے پیارے نبی نے اِس راہ میں ناقابلِ بیان تکالیف سہہ کر تمام عالم انسانیت پر یہ واضح کردیاکہ کسی بھی انسان کے لیے استقامت سے بہترکوئی ہتھیار نہیں، اورمقصدکے حصول کے لیے ہمیشہ ڈٹنا ہے ،پتھرکھاکرہٹنا نہیں ہے ۔ اُنہوں نے کہاکہ جس طرح ہمارے نبی کے ہر عمل کی ایک معراج ہے اُسی طرح اسوہٴ حسنہ کی معراج معاشرے میں حق و انصاف کا قیام ہے جس نے طاقت وروں کے تکبرکو پارہ پارہ کردیا۔عامر لیاقت کا کہنا تھا کہ نظامِ عدل پرسوال اُٹھانے والوں کو تاریخ نے خوارج کے علاوہ اور کوئی نام نہیں دیااور آج بھی جو اللہ کے نظامِ عدل اور نبی کے پیمانہٴ انصاف کامنکر ہے وہ اسلام ہی نہیں بلکہ انسانیت کی صفوں سے بھی خارج ہے ۔اُنہوں نے کہا کہ نبی کریم صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم نے تو حسنِ معاشرت کی بنیاد اُسی دن رکھ دی تھی جب بعض بااثر افراد نے سرکار کے بہت ہی پیارے اُسامہ بن زید رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنہ کے ذریعے کسی ملزم کے حق میں سفارش کرانا چاہی توکریم المرتبت نے سفارش،پرچی اور تعلقات کے دباؤکو یہ کہہ کر ہمیشہ کے لیے ختم کردیا کہ ”محمد صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم کی بیٹی فاطمہ بھی چوری کرتی تو میں اُس کے ہاتھ کاٹ دیتا“۔اُنہوں نے کہا کہ نبی کا یہ عمل ایک جانب اپنے پیارے اُسامہ کو ایسے لوگوں سے ہوشیار کرانا تھا تو دوسری جانب اپنا اور اپنی بیٹی کا تذکرہ کرکے بااثر افراد کو یہ باورکرانا تھا کہ تم سب ہی جان لوکائنات میں ہم سے زیادہ افضل ،اعلیٰ اور بااثرکون ہوگا؟ اورکون تصور بھی کرسکتا ہے کہ سیدہ فاطمہ (معاذ اللہ)چوری کریں گی؟لیکن جب قانون کی عملداری کے لیے جب میں اپنے جگرکے ٹکڑے کا صرف مثال دینے کے لیے نام لے سکتا ہوں توپھر کسی اور کی حیثیت ہی کیا ہے ۔عامر لیاقت کا یہ لیکچر 2گھنٹے جاری رہا جسے طالبات کی ایک کثیر تعداد نے انتہائی انہماک سے سنا اور بعد میں اُن سے سوالات بھی کیے۔اِس موقع پر ممتاز کالم نگاروں سیدارشاد احمد عارف ، رؤف طاہر،جیو نیٹ ورک کے ڈائریکٹر انفوٹینمنٹ عبدالرؤف اور ممتاز صحافی و دانش ور ضیا الحق نقشبندی نے بھی خطاب کیا اور عامر لیاقت حسین کو زبردست خراجِ تحسین پیش کیا۔تقریب میں سینٹرل گروپ آف کالجزکے بانی میاں عادل رشید کے علاہ میاں عمر رشید،میاں عمیر اور یونس بھٹی بھی موجود تھے جبکہ نظامت کے فرائض عقیل احمد نے انجام دیے۔