Cruel Man Spoiled Me

I was born beautiful like other kids, although the kind of society where I was grown up was not that much proper, but I was pretty like other girls, life made me face things which were awkward for the others but I had to bear all of them, I had to earn livelihood and to help my family to fulfill their needs as well.

Life was passing gradually, although I was not amongst those people who have all the facilities in their lives and else, which helps them to spend a prosperous and a luxurious life, the situations forced me to do some thing which I should not have done. I had to opt a profession which should not have been chosen according to the principles of Islam, in fact I was born in a Muslim country may be for that I had to chose the profession which I had not chosen otherwise. life took me through thrones and deserts where I had to face so much troubles and pains but no body was there to help me out.

When I turned my twenties, I had to marry , a life which is full of support and love according to the people, a life which is blessing, but alas it was not as the other people express or think of it. For me it was a curse, a moment that destroyed me ,  a dismal which took away every thing that I possessed, my beauty, my charm and my happiness, and thus I was not able to face the world, I failed to face the people around me, the people around me refused to recognize me, this all took my world back.

The cruel man who was a human being by nature, a human whom Allah Almighty has bestowed with all His blessings and being called the most dignified creature amongst Allah’s creations, turned to be a monster, a bad omen, an unfortune and bad luckfor me, about who I never ever think of , his hectic and the pathetic reaction made me fail to face the world and thus I lost my identity and I was simply disfigured.

Acid attack victim, Cambodia, 2007

Acid attack victim, Cambodia, 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes people, this is no body but, Fakhra Younus, a Pakistani dancer,and the hectic tradition of acid attack on women in Pakistan, most probably the Islamic country which is supposed to practice the rules of Islam i.e the religion of peace, brotherhood and the love, who’s cruel husband who was an ex-law maker and a son of political powerhouse has thrown acid over his wife Fakhra Younous, and she than lost her identity and after that her life.

Such social evils , which should be badly condemned by the people in authority, and appropriate steps should be taken to discourage such practices, but alas people in authorities are busy in enjoying their luxurious live. Such people are unaware of heart breaking events, in fact they have never ever experienced such curses in their lives, if they would have faced such dismal situations they would have taken some step to avoid such evils.

This curse is very common in Pakistan, an Islamic and a male dominant society, where women are treated inhumanly, and there is little justice for such victims in Pakistan and the authorities behave as if they do not know any thing. Because of this reaction of people in power, this curse is growing day by day and many of the women lost their lives and if not, they turned deaf, blind and abnormal, which could be avoided if strong law are made to discourage this practice and can be done if the criminal is punished.

I wish and hope no body will experience such disgraceful, dismal, and heart breaking event.



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5 responses to “Cruel Man Spoiled Me

  1. kazim

    good effort nacma…
    but i think our society is not at all an islamic society.
    and this type of accident, which is mostly the behavior of and just a representation of culture of subcontinent.

  2. thank you Kazim
    well said its all about the inhuman behavior of the people in our society, many of the such cases go undocumented in our country and no body is gonna take notice of it.

  3. Bilal

    Death to anyone who hurts a woman like this, end of story, sometimes you need more than “danda” to fix society. Also we need to add subject about “respecting” your opposite in education, it can start at home, then school. All these human rights groups fight hard for victims AFTER their suffering starts, why not fight BEFORE it happens? take to the law, take it to the assembly, change the legislation, offer “real” protection against abuse, put in the books, etc etc, such things cannot be left out to deal with later, if you have the power, act NOW. Hey I love “woman”, she gave birth to me, she raised me, or as I say “mama raised no slacker” !!! she thought me how to respect a woman, how to talk with a woman. No one taught her though, but she knew in her mind how she would want her children to be and she worked on it, and her sons can never thank her enough. Regards, Bilal

    • i wish this all would have happened in the society, but alas every body is indifferent to such sensitive issues, this is what the failure of law and order and negligence of norms and values in the society..
      Why don’t you start blogging? You express things so beautifully i will suggest you to do so because it seems you have much more better understanding of things.


  4. Bilal

    Well they are not indifferent when it comes to a man beating the daylight out of a woman, everyone is like “oh yeah … fantastic !!! buhut aala , aur maro !!!”, where is their sensativity than? when a woman claims she’s been raped, she gets punished, she need to have witness, tell me you are not jocking? a witness to witness a rape? even the mental patients are going “say what?” I say tit for tat, if she is a victim of acid attack, let the man suffer the same and let him feel how acid burns, let him go through the never ending trauma. Wo kia kahtay hain, everyone equal in Islam, what a joke. Koi equal nahi hay, jo powerful hay, will abuse the power. Jo poweless hay, Condolences. This is not a sensative issue, this is a “moral” issue, low morality of a socirty results in such opression among others and in our society it’s the woman who is opressed. Sari feelings ghar walon ki marzi pe, apni koi feelings nahin, hain bhi to koi faida nahi.

    I never liked face-less book & no love for tweety (no offense) send me an email if you don’t mind and I will send you something to read. I cannot be a blogger, I do speak my mind and very often, a contributor you can say , but “mashwara”, opinion, is like “amanat”, use it wisely someone told me. Speaking on the above, nothing carry more sting than a voice of a wise woman/girl, if you are trying to do it, do more, do often, bring it to light. Consistency is what we need rather than hope, and it always pays off. Regards, Bilal