“Depression” is Over “Boom” is Here Again

Great Depression Bread Line

Great Depression Bread Line (Photo credit: martnpro)

I was sitting on the table in my room, my books and all the study stuff was lying all around, they looked as if they are under Great Depression of 1930 because of any mishap, I tried to arrange them in the best possible way but they do not look good, and my bag looked as if it has been here for last many months, and I was hurt because of them. I tried to ask the reason alas! they were not willing give a single answer.

Well! what was the ultimate solution was to bear the depressed attitude of all stuff, and there seems no expectations of recovery, because it was a period of high depression.

I had rational expectations all the time, I was simply waiting for the recovery soon. Next morning as usual I was noticing the whole situation  curiously, I felt that situation was going to recover soon, I found their faces pretty satisfactory it did not seem to be a period of boom rather I noticed a period of recovery.

Birds started singing, flowering started blooming, and the charm appears in the nature, because all these came to know that the dissappointed and the dismal situation is over and it has come to knowledge of every one that days of peace and prosperity are here again.

At 2 p.m I found an update on facebook that “the university is going to be reopened from tomorrow” it was simply a surprise because every one in the university had static expectations because of the irrational behavoir of people in authority. But it all happened because of the growth miracle of the rational behavoir of the students and boom is here again.

English: Indifference curve graphic was create...

Thus this event was celebrated last night in the university, which was super-awesome. The speeches delivered, the music and dance party increased the utility of all the students which were have been in great depression for the last whole month. Refreshment at the end of the party took the indifference curvesof each student to the higher level. It was simply marvellous.

This all was as a result of the aggregate efforts of all the students who tried so hard that they do not let any of resource unutilized and do not let thing to the constraint in getting such a high level of utility. Hope university will always be at boom and great depression will never be experienced again. Salute to all who have made such outstanding efforts!



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8 responses to ““Depression” is Over “Boom” is Here Again

  1. Nargis

    Naseema Great job Keep it up dear….wish to see you a gud writer of future.keep outstanding my best wishes are allways with you..♥ ♥ it!

  2. Saddam Hussein

    wowww Naseema, your writing style is amazing. It seems that you are born writer, I pray 4 u to be a great writer of Pakistan in future 🙂

  3. Faiz

    First of all, good writing, keep it up! Secondly, Your information is very naive regarding student rational behavior. The behavior of the student was insulting, threatening, irritating,….towards even respected faculty members. On the other hand, the university authority showed stubbornness at first and extreme cowardliness at the last.
    Regarding your happiness and celebrations, it is also based on misleading information. No restoration of QSF is yet, and the notification of expulsion is held in abeyance on the written assurance not to involve in such activities in future by the students.

    • Thank you so much for appreciation Sir, I am glad to see you here. Going through the situation I tried to add taste of economics to it.
      As far as reaction of students is concerned, according to best of my information it was because they were being neglected for the last whole month and there seemed no sign of negotiation and dialogue which turned their reaction towards harshness, which would have been solved through a peaceful treaty otherwise.
      According to my point of view, consultation is the best solution of every kind of matter, problems are made ourselves because of failure to negotiate, such critical situation would have been avoided if appropriate steps would have been taken at the early stages.
      Now lets see how much the authorities are sincere with the promise they have made whether they are going to restored QSF or not. I wish and hope that such dismal situation will never happen in the future because it costs a lot.

  4. anbreen

    boom boom ma buddy..:) thumbs up!:)