Students Protest “Lack of Facilities”…. A Panic Situation

It has been for the last month that the students at QAU Islamabad, Pakistan, are on the protest for the lack of facilities in the university, which includes loadshedding, lack of water and the list goes more than ten points.

Students are on protest for 24 hours for the last few days for the fulfillment of their demands, they blocked the main entrance of the university so that non of the administration or the student could take classes. On the third day the situation turned voilent and police took some students to their custoday.

However the students did not damage any thing and they say that earlier they sign to fulfill their demand they will terminate the protest. 

Failure of any nation lies in the fact that they fail to understand the situation and they fail to dialogue about the matter, reality is that consultation is the only solution of problem. Due to lack of it hundreds and thousands of students are suffering for the last whole month. Its not only the lose of students but of the whole nation and of the whole country. Below is a statistics I have estimated.

Number of working hours per day= 6

Number of  weeks suffered= 2

Number of working days per week=5

Number of Hours suffered per week by a student=6*5*2=60

Total number of students(estimated)=5000

Number of hours wasted by students during two weeks=60*5000=3,00,000

Its simply pathetic, and its very panic which is in fact the wastage of human capital.

However it is not yet conform whether university will be reopened in the next week or not. Keeping the above statististics, concerned should take the matter the seriously, realize the loss the whole nation and it should take appropriate to resolve the matter as soon a possible. I hope and pray that the charming environment of the university will be recovered soon.



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    gud work Nacema…this soil needs people like u,,,i mean with better intellect…God bless you