You Are Inside My Heart Where Nobody Can See You!

Moments of sorrows, moments of grief when i see nothing but darkness all around, when there seems no hope of joy and happiness, when i become weak enternally, at the last moment when i am near to fade away, it makes me smile, a smile which comes from deep inside my heart , which is deep more than the depths of ocean which is intense more than any thing, a feeling which makes me stand infront of the cruel realities of life and which gives me hope to see a more satisfactory step ahead, which makes my sorrows and fear away from my soul, that is the feeling after which i say yes i am the most lucky personality in this world to have you..and you are inside my heart where there are hundred and thousands of folds, none of the world’s power can see are the only one who knows each and every thing of my life you give me courage to live courage to stand and power to move forward..

YES! that is the only who cares for you because he is the only one to whom your soul belongs..the one who has created you the one is nearer than your heart…. That is only One and the only One Allah Almighty…. But i dont know why do we forget about it in every day life and we try to become our own creator..this is one of the most harsh which we experience in every day life!



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2 responses to “You Are Inside My Heart Where Nobody Can See You!

  1. Bilal

    I tell you why this happens, it’s called “Ihsaas”, a thing that most of us humans pay attention to only when something bad happens, not that we do not know, take breathing for example, we all breathe but when one gets a heart attack only then one has has the “ihsaas” how precious breathing is and starts making an effort i.e. exercise etc etc so it does not happen again, same is with Allah, we know He is there, we know He blesses us and like breathing we continue to live life without making any effort for Him, and when things are bad, we turn to Him, Humans are selfish, we all know that, but it’s the “ihsaas” in one that keeps reminding him/her about Allah, once you realise it, you must keep on it, we make deals with humans everyday hoping to get a benefit, but we hardly make a deal with Allah, who is THE provider. Magar, Ihsaas ki kami hay, buhut zayada ha. What you do then? Dua’a !!! the most powerful weapon you can have against anything. You say dua’a for those who have gone ignorent on the above, that is all you can do. Everyone must know this though, if you do not remember God, God will not remember you either and that’s a fact. Regards, Bilal