Load Shedding

It was today when a seminar was being arranged in the department. Unfortunately what happened was that it could not be proceded what it happened was all because of load shedding. All the students were there to attended it and it was arranged after a high level of effort and the speakers were invited outside the university thus because of the curse of load shedding it was ended in wastage of time all what the speakers were prepared on the multimedia and they had to deliver it. The speakers deliver what they prepared orally but it was impossible to do it which they would have been done on the multimedia.

All what else happened is that because of the hot weather they could not find the calm and better environment for a proper seminar thus ended up in a incomplete and inefficient gathering. Which otherwise have been fruitful. This is all what happens around the country which is wastage of time and the human efforts, and it leads to the inefficiency of the organizations and thus which ended up to down the progress of any nation. It is a big curse and should be eliminated as soon as possible.



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