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Who Am I??

life is smooth little studies, little play and little rest, and its end of 24 hours. Any body would ask me what you are I would probably say nothing and people if ask me what are you doing for others I would surely say nothing. Simply I have nothing to say who I am?

Although I have spent 15 years of education comfortably doing nothing for others, going to be called masters in social sciences very soon but did nothing for others, so what is the ultimate solution can I be a good writer, can I be a good social activist, can I be a counselor, can I be a reformist? Ultimately all these questions are unanswered because of the calm and comfortable environment with which I was blessed with, if it was bit difficult I would have thought to do something different which would have been beneficial for others.

Once I was going through the biography of the youngest richest person Bill Gates, according to him parents should not left their children with all available opportunities, this is what causes death of abilities, it make them habitual of spoon feeding which ultimately ended up with fully dependence on others. What every one face in their daily life is some sort of this situation they are provided with every possible opportunity which add to decrease their inefficiency.

Although its not the end. We cannot re start what something bad has happened before but we can start a new begging and can have a pleasant ending. This may be the way to answer the question which remained unanswered through out my life. Someday I would probably answer it saying Yes! “I am something I am good writer.” This is why I started my blog.


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