The only Heart beat that Perfectly Correlates with Yours

On the day although I unfortunately missed to write on the great and the most important personality, the one for whom nothing but my happiness matters nothing but my success matters and nothing but you satisfaction matter and this personality is no other than My Mother, my first love.. I was born weak she made me strong, I was born dumb she made learn how to speak, and above all i was born fragile she made me a good and well mannered human being.

When pains and sickness made me cry she gazed into my heavy eyes and wept that I should not die she stayed depressed due to my pains and cheered at my happiness. She is the one who stayed awake all the night for my service. When God thought to give me love He did it in the form of my mother, thank you God for the real love.

The only personality whose heart beat perfectly correlates with yours is no body but your  Mother!

Salam to All Mothers!


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