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Is New Province a Sign of Progress

One of the major issue that is going on through discussions in the news is the making of new provinces. Is it a good sign for the progress of the country or not? Making new provinces means an another way  for the distribution of the powers among people of different regions.

Although Pakistan has four large provices and powers which are given to those provinces have not been distributed in the respective provinces. For example when we talk about the budget allocated to the respective provinces, these are invested in capital of each provice rather than distributing it equally. In Punjab most of budget is invested in Islamabad and Lahore, in Khayber Pakhtoonkhaw it its in Peshawar, in Sindh at Karachi and same as at Quetta in Balochistan. Now tell me who cares about all other regions in each provinces other than capital its simply no one care for it.

So why not to divide the provinces and make smaller regions with an aim to divide powers equally. If such large provinces would be divided than each of it could get its share and obviously the benefits would also be given to people other than those who do not live in capital. In this way we can have more progress nationally and it is beneficial for the progress for country. So I would suggest to favour the division of the large provinces rather than having mass geographical area with larger population  where there is no equality of rights amongst the people.


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