You will never know what i saw inside my room…………………it was one of the most miserable moment and a really hard situation for the first time i came across with …some sort of two shining and bright light spots in deep darkness in a corner of my room oh my Godness i was near to fade away and with the passage of time i became weaken and thought to call my neighbor for help but alas no body was all around and i had to face the tragedy alone…i could not take even a breath i seemed that as if i found a third world creator and a gigantic big creation large and deep dark!due to intense horror with shivering hands and feet i could not move…any how i managed to stand up with growing rumblings i reached the switch to turn on the switch…i closed my eyes with my hands and peep through my fingers what i saw in front of me is my beautiful pat…my cat waow whose beautiful eyes were shining like stars!



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  1. fareeha

    wow…….yara u can b good writer