Together we make difference!

i believe in unity and i also believe that together we can make difference since i heard of blogging i wish to do so but my thought and ideas were like scattered feathers of the bird which have been snatched by the its enemy and are less likely to be gather and get a proper shape so they wondered and trying to make a proper path but alas it did not find any way to be changed into words and so that could be heard and needed to furnished, luckily the  lonely soul found its way to be expressed and heard with the help of gathering of highly qualified people who guided it be what it wanted to be so thanks to the management of the AKEPB and the honorable guests Saad and his friend who give such a guidance they added nourishment to burning ideas in my mind…i express my heartiest gratitude to them…there may be many of others who felt the same it was one of the great opportunity to learn things, today i can say that i am newly born,its today where i started blogging and going to publish it and i am now able to express and give words to the main stream ideas floating in my mind…lets help each other so that we can make a difference…your contribution would be highly appreciated towards my blogg…..happy reading and stay blessed!


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