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Students Protest “Lack of Facilities”…. A Panic Situation

It has been for the last month that the students at QAU Islamabad, Pakistan, are on the protest for the lack of facilities in the university, which includes loadshedding, lack of water and the list goes more than ten points.

Students are on protest for 24 hours for the last few days for the fulfillment of their demands, they blocked the main entrance of the university so that non of the administration or the student could take classes. On the third day the situation turned voilent and police took some students to their custoday.

However the students did not damage any thing and they say that earlier they sign to fulfill their demand they will terminate the protest. 

Failure of any nation lies in the fact that they fail to understand the situation and they fail to dialogue about the matter, reality is that consultation is the only solution of problem. Due to lack of it hundreds and thousands of students are suffering for the last whole month. Its not only the lose of students but of the whole nation and of the whole country. Below is a statistics I have estimated.

Number of working hours per day= 6

Number of  weeks suffered= 2

Number of working days per week=5

Number of Hours suffered per week by a student=6*5*2=60

Total number of students(estimated)=5000

Number of hours wasted by students during two weeks=60*5000=3,00,000

Its simply pathetic, and its very panic which is in fact the wastage of human capital.

However it is not yet conform whether university will be reopened in the next week or not. Keeping the above statististics, concerned should take the matter the seriously, realize the loss the whole nation and it should take appropriate to resolve the matter as soon a possible. I hope and pray that the charming environment of the university will be recovered soon.



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Beyound the Limits

Can you touch the heights of the sky, can you do what the others have not done yet, can you reach the heights of sky, can you reach the the loafty mountains and snowy hills, can you make your path to the coulds of the sky?

I once come across with the beautiful saying ” the earlier you meditate, the earlier you excel”. This is what after which i stoped to be worring about all the situations and what ever bad has happened with me, because to have success in our lives we have to be optimistic every time and every where. Bad time is a part of life the earlier they come in our lives the earlier they fades away..

What infact matters alot in our lives is our attitude, if some one has a positive attitude he excels more earlier than the one who is pessimist. A positive attitude adds more colors to your life and teaches the way to spend a prosperous life..

Thinking to go beyound the limits is an attitude which convinces to think differently, you dream to go beyound the limits and you never know what will you get in return love, luck, success, life or even a new world. Enjoy the habit to dream and meditate more and more because it is a way to have pleasure and in the literal sense it gives you pleasure.

life is gift…Enjoy the beautiful Days!

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You Are Inside My Heart Where Nobody Can See You!

Moments of sorrows, moments of grief when i see nothing but darkness all around, when there seems no hope of joy and happiness, when i become weak enternally, at the last moment when i am near to fade away, it makes me smile, a smile which comes from deep inside my heart , which is deep more than the depths of ocean which is intense more than any thing, a feeling which makes me stand infront of the cruel realities of life and which gives me hope to see a more satisfactory step ahead, which makes my sorrows and fear away from my soul, that is the feeling after which i say yes i am the most lucky personality in this world to have you..and you are inside my heart where there are hundred and thousands of folds, none of the world’s power can see are the only one who knows each and every thing of my life you give me courage to live courage to stand and power to move forward..

YES! that is the only who cares for you because he is the only one to whom your soul belongs..the one who has created you the one is nearer than your heart…. That is only One and the only One Allah Almighty…. But i dont know why do we forget about it in every day life and we try to become our own creator..this is one of the most harsh which we experience in every day life!


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♥ The Tale Of My Heart ♥

It makes me wonder,

why my heart has many folds?

The firewall existence is the protection from invaders.

My heart ponds only in the shadow of your light and let my soul shine…

Your shadow is not just a shadow,

but the golden light of shine.

Golden Light is light as the shadow makes it mysterious.

The masterpieces of art contain both light and shadow.

Every existence I see,

is in your light and shadow.

Rose is unique and beautiful,

even its thorn have a shadow.

Life is not one filled with only sunshine,

but one which uses both light and shadow to produce beauty

I see the beauty not in your light but shadow.

When I meet you,

I will be no light nor shadow but just you.

As your beauty exists all along since,

I heard the echoes of your sound,

Since before Time.

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Load Shedding

It was today when a seminar was being arranged in the department. Unfortunately what happened was that it could not be proceded what it happened was all because of load shedding. All the students were there to attended it and it was arranged after a high level of effort and the speakers were invited outside the university thus because of the curse of load shedding it was ended in wastage of time all what the speakers were prepared on the multimedia and they had to deliver it. The speakers deliver what they prepared orally but it was impossible to do it which they would have been done on the multimedia.

All what else happened is that because of the hot weather they could not find the calm and better environment for a proper seminar thus ended up in a incomplete and inefficient gathering. Which otherwise have been fruitful. This is all what happens around the country which is wastage of time and the human efforts, and it leads to the inefficiency of the organizations and thus which ended up to down the progress of any nation. It is a big curse and should be eliminated as soon as possible.


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Who Am I??

life is smooth little studies, little play and little rest, and its end of 24 hours. Any body would ask me what you are I would probably say nothing and people if ask me what are you doing for others I would surely say nothing. Simply I have nothing to say who I am?

Although I have spent 15 years of education comfortably doing nothing for others, going to be called masters in social sciences very soon but did nothing for others, so what is the ultimate solution can I be a good writer, can I be a good social activist, can I be a counselor, can I be a reformist? Ultimately all these questions are unanswered because of the calm and comfortable environment with which I was blessed with, if it was bit difficult I would have thought to do something different which would have been beneficial for others.

Once I was going through the biography of the youngest richest person Bill Gates, according to him parents should not left their children with all available opportunities, this is what causes death of abilities, it make them habitual of spoon feeding which ultimately ended up with fully dependence on others. What every one face in their daily life is some sort of this situation they are provided with every possible opportunity which add to decrease their inefficiency.

Although its not the end. We cannot re start what something bad has happened before but we can start a new begging and can have a pleasant ending. This may be the way to answer the question which remained unanswered through out my life. Someday I would probably answer it saying Yes! “I am something I am good writer.” This is why I started my blog.

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The only Heart beat that Perfectly Correlates with Yours

On the day although I unfortunately missed to write on the great and the most important personality, the one for whom nothing but my happiness matters nothing but my success matters and nothing but you satisfaction matter and this personality is no other than My Mother, my first love.. I was born weak she made me strong, I was born dumb she made learn how to speak, and above all i was born fragile she made me a good and well mannered human being.

When pains and sickness made me cry she gazed into my heavy eyes and wept that I should not die she stayed depressed due to my pains and cheered at my happiness. She is the one who stayed awake all the night for my service. When God thought to give me love He did it in the form of my mother, thank you God for the real love.

The only personality whose heart beat perfectly correlates with yours is no body but your  Mother!

Salam to All Mothers!

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